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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Obscure Ingredient Week

So I found out two days ago that we have to move. Like SOON. So, it's going to be "use all of the random ingredients in the pantry that I bought for some particular recipe but never actually used" week on the blog. So, get excited!

Also get even more excited because my super awesome camera lens that is going to cure all of my bad photo taking is arriving from amazon on Tuesday. So be prepared to be amazed by my photography. Because it's all about equipment, not like....skill or talent or anything, right?

Speaking of equipment...I kind of want to buy an ice-cream maker, grill pan, and more before we start law school in the fall and our budget is reduced to nil. *soft weeping*

The end.

Well, except guess what? I am going to Portland! Woot! For a four day whirlwind adventure to see the ocean, eat Tillamook cheese, and pick fresh strawberries. But don't try to like break in to my house while I am gone, as it will be guarded by viscous attack dogs, and also Blaine, so...yeah. (Yes, I am going solo on a 13-hour-road trip with my three children). (Well, except my friend Katie and her two children are going to come too, two adults, five children...fun!).

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